hey guys, this is another tool to sign the unsigned apps the rar file also contains another cert and key, so try this one first if not try the one i gave you earlier the password for this one is “0000”, tell me how you guys get on:

binpda signsis

binpda signsis

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should i add software which aint freeware

hey guys, was wondering should i start adding software which you have to pay for but please not ill only do reviews and maybe have link to trials if there aviable i will not post illegal software, comment below if i should or not 😉


hey guys, found this app called freetimebox it has two main features one being it can sync the time on the phone to the correct time and date exactly, and the other feature can display time on all menus however i dont use this option i only use it to sync time 😀

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Hey guys just found this intresting game, that works great on the innov8,

icy tower

icy tower

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Gmail: now with nice icon

hey guys, anyone else have the same problem i had with gmail that the icon seemed blurry and looked horrible compared to all the other nice crisp icons well some one has decided to re-create gmail this time with a nice big crisp icon looks a lot better with the menu, anyone who dosnt know what gmail is look below.

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hey guys, this is probaly my second fgavourite im client that works on the samsung innov8

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iPhonesque mod

Just found that this user agent works well with the Samsung Innov8, Please note you do need to sign it and you need to install python all links are at bottom off this post and again python needs signing.

user agent changer

user agent changer

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Will it work or not!!

hey guys, users of other symbian devices will be well aware of a wonder devolper called Samir from France, well he has announced a new program called handwave, where the user can wave his or her hand over the front of the camera and this will act as left or right depending on the way the wave goes, The video shows it working n a nokian95 but i dont know if it will work with the samsung innov8 what you guys think??

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Photo detagger

hey guys, nice little application if your worried about posting images or sending images with exif data in it with this little application it will remove all this information therefore total privacy 😉

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Greedy penguin

There’s nothing in this world as determined as a hungry penguin, as this platform jumping game proves.

The object of Greedy Penguins is to guide your little penguin down a series of platforms as the screen scrolls upwards. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when you remember that penguins can’t fly.

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Minin blaster is the classic bomberman game ported to the symbian s60 3rd ed phones including samsung innov8

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Frozen bubble

Frozen bubble is a popular s60 3rd edition game where you have to blast pearls and get rid of allthe pearls on the rack before the pearls cover the full screen

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jbak dedit

This is perhaps the best text editor available for S60 today and offers some remarkable features such as find and replace and the ability to edit more than one file at once. It also allows us to save texts with almost any type of character encoding, highlight the line in which we are editing, configure the appearance and font of the editor and so on. DEdit also includes the ability to select various types of text, bookmarks and other advanced features that I myself am discovering. As a handy feature it also remembers a history of used files.



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Jbak taskman is a must have application for any user of the samsung innov8.

Jbak Taskman is the ultimate replacement for the in-built task manager. It also features shortcut launcher and app launcer. With loads of settings available, you can customize it as you like.
The author is Yurij Bakunin aka JBAK who created the wonderful text editor DEdit.



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Calcium calculator

hey guys, just found this amazing free calculator much better then the built in one on the innov8, Calcium is a fast, easy to use calculator for your S60 phone

Getting tired of the S60 calculator? We were, so we made our own. Using some of the concepts that make ControlFreak so easy to use, we removed the need to select on-screen buttons and moved all the operations to the joystick. Doing basic calculations on your phone is now only a couple of clicks away.




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Total patrol

hey guys, Just got total patrol working on my innov8. Total patrol is a application that when you miss a call or text it will alert you at a set interval for example if i miss a text it will beep every five minutes to alert me about the missed text or call.


total patrol

total patrol

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How to get a DEVCERT

hey guys, most off the applications on this site and on other websites need to be signed and since the Samsung Innov8 isn’ hackable …YET, this means you have to sign the apps first. In order to sign a app you have to get a dev cert and then sign it Im going to explain how to get a dev cert and show to sign the application:

sign apps

sign apps

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Sky anytime mobile

Just found that sky mobile works on the Samsung Innov8.

sky mobile is a must for sky+ users in the UK, with this small application you can program your sky+ to record from anywhere in the world as long as you have a internet connection. It also has anews section and mobile tv section but you have topay for mobile tv and i never found it useful i just use it to record stuff on my sky+.

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Y-Browser file explorer

Another excellent file broswer this one being called y-browser and is free this file explorer.

Currently Y-Browser only supports 3rd edition S60 mobile phones. No plans to support for earlier edition S60 or UIQ mobile phones are planned.  Incase you feel that some file support or other type of functionality is missing from the Y-Browser S60 file manager, then you could visit NewLC and start implementing your own Symbian Ecom plug-ins for Y-Browser. 




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LCG: X-Plore

LCG x-plore is a file explorer for s60 3rd ed phones that fully works on the Samsung innov8, X-plore is one of the best file explorers aviable and is created by lonely cat games. X-plore is full of many features including access to rom drives and other secure areas. List of all features:


logo for x-plore

logo for x-plore



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LCG Slick

Lonely cat games also known as lcg have a product called Slick which is a messenger application for mobile devices.

It allows you to chat with your friends connected though various online messaging applications.

  • ICQ
  • Yahoo
  • AIM
  • MSN
  • Google Talk
  • Jabber

sample images

Hey guys, just went for a quick walk round the canal near me to test out the camera on the Innov8 i dint bother with any of the settings just set it to auto and went off: tell me what you guys think


Or downlaod the rar file for image with no compression FULL RAW IMAGE:

Opera Mini

hey guys, Opera mini is a web browser for mobile phones and is the ultimate web browser a realmust have broswer list of features:


opera mini screenshot

opera mini screenshot

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Magickey: Reassign keys on innov8 MUST HAVE

Hey guys, just found out that magickey that i use to use on my n95 works amazing on the innov8. Magickey is a program that runs on most symbian s60 3rd edition phones including the inov8 and it allows users to re-assign keys to other keys for example when i am on standby screen with the slider slided down i can easier assign the camera selector on the side so that when i push it down to the picture selection it locks the phone which is great since there is no way to lock the phone while it is in the slided down posistion, it even works with the optical mouse. Magickey can work in any sis application but not java applications.




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Innov8 review 4.5/5.0

Hey guys, just a quick heads up about a review from knowyourmobile. The final conclusion is overall 4.5 out of a possible 5.0. have a read for youself.


samsung innov8

samsung innov8

Samsung innov8: manual

Hey guys, here are the user manual which isn’t included in the box with the innov8 and the “quick start guide” which is included in the box.


user manual

Samsung innov8: user manual

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Hey guys this is just apost celebrating the start of, please feek free topost your comments 😀