Jbak taskman is a must have application for any user of the samsung innov8.

Jbak Taskman is the ultimate replacement for the in-built task manager. It also features shortcut launcher and app launcer. With loads of settings available, you can customize it as you like.
The author is Yurij Bakunin aka JBAK who created the wonderful text editor DEdit.



Find and start the desired application by pressing ‘#’ key and
typing the first letters of its name.
Create shortcuts in the Launch Menu to start applications,
open documents or for specific tasks.
Get full information about running programs and free memory l
eft on the phone (RAM, Phone memory and Memory card).
Switch to or Close any application.
(Yes, it can close Gallery & Music player too)
Run Jbak Taskman by pressing and holding Menu button
(like the built-in Task manager).
Lock keypad from any screen.
Reboot your phone.

Changelog v0.98 19.04.2008 (Google translated):
* (Symbian 9) Cosmetic changes in the interface 🙂
! Info panel sometimes not changed his position
New options in the preferences menu keys
* (Symbian 9) Just podkrasil heading in the display memory.
* The program does not work when the keypad is locked
The German locale
For polnoklavishnikov – list of buttons and even called “gap”.
After installing the program, it is shown in the list of top programs.
(Symbian 9) Remove Programs (only sis)
! Setting “Show menu on the list of tasks” show standby
! Now, normally discharged to a standard player.

Languages: EN, RU, ZH, IT, UK, TC, TU, CS, FR, LS



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