Magickey: Reassign keys on innov8 MUST HAVE

Hey guys, just found out that magickey that i use to use on my n95 works amazing on the innov8. Magickey is a program that runs on most symbian s60 3rd edition phones including the inov8 and it allows users to re-assign keys to other keys for example when i am on standby screen with the slider slided down i can easier assign the camera selector on the side so that when i push it down to the picture selection it locks the phone which is great since there is no way to lock the phone while it is in the slided down posistion, it even works with the optical mouse. Magickey can work in any sis application but not java applications.




Below is a video showing what is possible with magickey.


Here is the link to download magickey, its unsigned so you need to sign it first (i will be posting how to get a dev cert in a few minutes)




  1. Open the application
  2. Press right to the “keymap list” then click “option”
  3. select add
  4. enter a desired name for example i use “lockstandby”
  5. then click select on the “lockstandby” or whatever you named it
  6. then click “click to add key pair”
  7. then press the call button this will allow you to assign different keys for example if you want the camera button on the side tolock the keypad press the green button then push the camera button down
  8. then press down and again select the call button and once you have pressed the green button just push the phone down
  9. Now you have assign the key combination
  10. press left to go to the applist then select “options” and click “add”
  11. this will bring up a app list on this app list select “standby” or whatever program you want to use with the new key combination you have assigned
  12. Then you should be able tolock the kaypad with the camera selection button while on the standby screen
Don’t forget to tell me how you get on

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