iPhonesque mod

Just found that this user agent works well with the Samsung Innov8, Please note you do need to sign it and you need to install python all links are at bottom off this post and again python needs signing.

user agent changer

user agent changer

From the devolpers mouth ;):

During the last few days I’ve been trying to find a way for my brother to be able to browse the yahoo mail page, but it wasn’t working. I found the available hacks, and the one altering the strings on the resource folder didn’t work on our E90’s, so I checked out iPhonesque. It did change the User Agent, but didn’t work for our needs. Nevertheless, it was a promising alternative.

My first try was simply to copy the installed dll from sys/bin and editing the string with an hex editor to the user agent for Firefox on a windows Machine:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080702 Firefox/

And it worked. I was quite happy with this and went on with it. But while using the E90 though EDGE, it wasn’t so practical for some sites… and I kind of regretted denying the E90’s browser identity, specially on sites that recognize Symbian phones and send you the appropriate version for your phone.

I though about using ROMpatcher, but I figure it wouldn’t work since the dll is in C and not Z, and after dumping my rom and dumping all the strings in the files I found nothing I could work with.

So I went and got the source code for iPhonesque and altered it to do what I deemed would be a good fit for me.

Of course I claim no big contribution to it, since I did some alterations in order for it to do what. I simply changed the code and this dirty change is what I am sharing with you. It might be useful for some, hence I posted it here. If anyone has suggestions as to what decisions the program should make, maybe we can work out which sites work best with what user agent.. meanwhile, here is a sis with the following behavior:

Anyway, I just finished a new version of this mod that is not site dependent, now you can switch user agents via a python script.

Even while browsing. You’ll just need to reload the current page after runing the script.

If you don’t run the python script you will have your default behavior, but in case you run it and select an option from the menu other than original, that User Agent will be used until you change it again.

The list of User Agents is as follows:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Nokia N73
Nokia N95
Nokia N96
Nokia E90
Windows CE
BlackBerry 7130e

Thanks to the original creator or this sis, I left all the rest of the sis intact to what he made, and just added a 2 to the version number, so that users can have control of what they have installed.

Basically what this app does it trick the web browser into thinking its a iphone or firefox browser or any off the aboves ones

PYTHON needs it to run (install both):







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