hey guys, found this app called freetimebox it has two main features one being it can sync the time on the phone to the correct time and date exactly, and the other feature can display time on all menus however i dont use this option i only use it to sync time 😀

FreeTimeBox is a application for time displaying and time synchronization. As a evolution of FreeTimeSync, FreeTimeBox has all the functions of FreeTimeBox and fixes the bugs of it. It also can display time as the 3rd FP2 system.

PS:FreeTimeSync is a S60 3rd’s time synchronization application, it is based on the NTP (Network Time Protocol), which provides high-precision time correction (on LAN less than 1 ms, on Internet dozens of milliseconds), and only causes little network flow. FreeTimeSync also supports GPS time sync and SMS time sync.

FreeTimeBox needs to sign before installion. You can sign it with your dev cert. If you don’t know about cert and sign, please visit and follow the instructions to get FreeTimeSync Open signed.

Version v1.01:
1.Add Traditional Chinese language
2.Add “Background Color” option
3.Add “Transparency” option
4.Add UID change function
5.Fix the bug time displaying though FreeTimeBox is exited
6.Fix the bug while setting the “Exception Apps”
Version v1.00:
Initial version.

Because the NTP does not support the WAP gateway, time synchronization function can only based on Internet, which means you can only use it with Internet or WIFI access points.
Download (unsigned so needs signing there is details about symbian opensign in the post):


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