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hey guys, this is another tool to sign the unsigned apps the rar file also contains another cert and key, so try this one first if not try the one i gave you earlier the password for this one is “0000”, tell me how you guys get on:

binpda signsis

binpda signsis

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should i add software which aint freeware

hey guys, was wondering should i start adding software which you have to pay for but please not ill only do reviews and maybe have link to trials if there aviable i will not post illegal software, comment below if i should or not 😉


hey guys, found this app called freetimebox it has two main features one being it can sync the time on the phone to the correct time and date exactly, and the other feature can display time on all menus however i dont use this option i only use it to sync time 😀

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Hey guys just found this intresting game, that works great on the innov8,

icy tower

icy tower

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Gmail: now with nice icon

hey guys, anyone else have the same problem i had with gmail that the icon seemed blurry and looked horrible compared to all the other nice crisp icons well some one has decided to re-create gmail this time with a nice big crisp icon looks a lot better with the menu, anyone who dosnt know what gmail is look below.

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hey guys, this is probaly my second fgavourite im client that works on the samsung innov8

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iPhonesque mod

Just found that this user agent works well with the Samsung Innov8, Please note you do need to sign it and you need to install python all links are at bottom off this post and again python needs signing.

user agent changer

user agent changer

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