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Will it work or not!!

hey guys, users of other symbian devices will be well aware of a wonder devolper called Samir from France, well he has announced a new program called handwave, where the user can wave his or her hand over the front of the camera and this will act as left or right depending on the way the wave goes, The video shows it working n a nokian95 but i dont know if it will work with the samsung innov8 what you guys think??

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Photo detagger

hey guys, nice little application if your worried about posting images or sending images with exif data in it with this little application it will remove all this information therefore total privacy 😉

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Greedy penguin

There’s nothing in this world as determined as a hungry penguin, as this platform jumping game proves.

The object of Greedy Penguins is to guide your little penguin down a series of platforms as the screen scrolls upwards. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when you remember that penguins can’t fly.

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Minin blaster is the classic bomberman game ported to the symbian s60 3rd ed phones including samsung innov8

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Frozen bubble

Frozen bubble is a popular s60 3rd edition game where you have to blast pearls and get rid of allthe pearls on the rack before the pearls cover the full screen

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jbak dedit

This is perhaps the best text editor available for S60 today and offers some remarkable features such as find and replace and the ability to edit more than one file at once. It also allows us to save texts with almost any type of character encoding, highlight the line in which we are editing, configure the appearance and font of the editor and so on. DEdit also includes the ability to select various types of text, bookmarks and other advanced features that I myself am discovering. As a handy feature it also remembers a history of used files.



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Jbak taskman is a must have application for any user of the samsung innov8.

Jbak Taskman is the ultimate replacement for the in-built task manager. It also features shortcut launcher and app launcer. With loads of settings available, you can customize it as you like.
The author is Yurij Bakunin aka JBAK who created the wonderful text editor DEdit.



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